Partnering with You for Continued Success

Advanced Processing Technology™ offers a wide range of software and hardware control support and testing services to help our customers achieve long-term production success. 


When software or hardware problems occur, it can cause a ripple effect throughout your production. To help your company recover quickly, Advanced Processing Technology™ offers a wide range of support and maintenance services.

Hardware Support

Currently Advanced Processing Technology™’s CSS300™ platform has native drivers for Automation Direct PLCs and data acquisition.  In addition the CSS300™ can be configured as an OPC Client. Therefore any of the different brands of PLC and Data Acquisition with OPC Drivers can be used with a CSS300™ system.

Support and Maintenance

Maintenance and calibration contracts are available for equipment to ensure production remains in compliance. Among the equipment serviced are:

Software Support


To keep your cure process running smoothly, Advanced Processing Technology™ offers testing of viscoelastic and Differential Scanning Calorimetry for composite prepregs, adhesives and neat resins. 

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis can be done on materials by utilization of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), a long established method. This technique measures specific heat flow in and out of sample during temperature ramps and reactions.

Viscoelastic Data

AvPro™ operates two separate instruments for providing viscoelastic data: an RDA III and an ATD 2000 ESR. The RDA III has several sample fixtures available including parallel plate; cone and plate; and torsion rectangular.


Working closely with Abaris Training in Reno, N.V., Advanced Processing Technology™ has created a series of classes to educate composites personnel on the merits of a Material State Management™ ™(MSM™) system. Offered semi-annually, the classes illustrate novel technologies designed to take composites manufacturing into the next generation.

Advanced Processing Through Automated Controls (Fall)

In an increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, companies must focus not just on quantity, but also quality. This class focuses on the operation and applications of advanced computer controls for composites processing.  

The Future of Composites Processing (Spring)

Today's material acceptance specifications are locked into accepting parts based on outdated technologies. This class is designed to provide an in-depth look at the applications of viscoelastic data in advancing the production composites to create a safer, higher-quality product.