Founded in the 1980s by engineer Tom Rose, Advanced Processing Technology™ (AvPro™) has innovated composite process control and measurement technologies for more than 25 years. Focusing much effort toward the study of advanced sensors, as well as software controls, AvPro has helped manufacturing companies such as Boeing, General Atomics and Spirit Aerosystems measure and control structural composites manufacturing. 

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Mission Statement

Advanced Processing Technology™ is committed to reducing cost by improving processing techniques in composites manufacturing.

About Tom Rose

Tom Rose, founder and president of Advanced Processing Technology™ has worked with everything from dielectrics to fiber optics. During his 40 years in the fields of engineering and manufacturing, Tom has been at the forefront of composites production, working for companies such as Carsonite, Ford Aerospace and Lear Avia.

He was instrumental in the development and manufacturing of the first all composite airplane, the LearAvia Lear Fan, which later paved the way for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and other composite-based aircraft.

In the 1980s, Tom founded Advanced Processing Technology™, and with it, pioneered one of the first computer-based composite control systems.

About Hans Rose

As Senior Engineer, Hans Rose has helped lead innovation at Advanced Processing Technology™ since 1992. In that time, he has been instrumental in developing the company’s control system software, material testing systems and the ThermoPulse™ Sensor system.

Previous to joining Advanced Processing Technology™, Hans worked as a scientist and researcher at a wide range of entities, including General Atomics and Applied Polymer Technology.